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of it. michelle meyer joins us. she nailed the housing rebound. we dragged her in here to tell us where we go from here. i year-and-a-half, you were all over this. now what? >> i think this will mark the strongest year for many years. this year. we're on track for just over 10%. that is not the new normal. we will see moderation from here on. prices are affected by exceptional factors. those are now coming down. distressed properties were very attractive to investors that bought. an extremely low inventory. the market needs to normalize again. >> this dovetails into the cautious call on growth. looking at the fourth quarter, you nailed it. are you more optimistic for 2014? >> we can finally say yes. we are a bit more optimistic. still cautious, but looking for a better year in terms of growth. think about the dynamics. considerable fiscal constraints. we're going to see environment -- it will allow for the underlying economy to look stronger. >> the bloomberg political analyst is with us -- sequestration in 2014 is different for him last year. >> they realize -- both sides realize they
mandela set. and so long as i live, i will do what i can to learn from him . to michelle and -- to his family, michelle and i extend our deepest sympathy and gratitude for sharing this extraordinary man with us. his life's work meant long days away from those who loved him most. i only hope that the time spent with him these last few weeks brought peace and comfort to his family. to the people of south africa, we draw strength from the example of renewal, and reconciliation and resilience that you made real. a free south africa at peace with itself. that is an example to the worlt and that is madev archer's legacy to the nation he loved. we will not likely see the likes of nelson mandela again. so it falls to us as best we can to forward the example that he set, to make decisions guided not by hate, but by love. to never discount the difference that one person can make. to strive for a future that is worthy of his sacrifice. for now let us pause and give thanks for the fact that nelson mandela lived, a man who took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe torts justi
to bring in michelle she focuses one cyber and government transparency issues like the foreign surveillance act. she joins us from washington, d.c. it a little ironic given that many of the technology companies have been cooperating? is this just political posturing? >> we have been debating privacy since 9/11 nine years ago. this is really the first time they are weighing in and saying the government has gone too far. >> except for the fact that they have a lot braided if the government in certain cases, right? >> right. i think what prompted the new movement is the recent revelation that they are not just serving the companies with court orders that hacking into the system overseas where the laws do not apply. it might have been what pushed them over the edge to get involved. >> the people who run the companies are powerful. they account for a large part of the united states economy. how is the government likely to respond? >> this as a whole new voice to the privacy debate. by this he advocates and members of congress have been taken -- taking a principled stake. this is really a game ch
and transparent to subject of oversight." earlier we spoke to michelle richardson. a legislative council where she focuses on cybersecurity and government transparency. emily started by asking the letter was more of a political statement said the companies have cooperated in the past. >> what may have prompted the new movement as the recent revelations and the last month is that are not serving the companies with court orders but they are hacking into their systems overseas where our laws do not apply. it may have pushed him over the edge to get involved. who run theeople companies are powerful people -- mark zuckerberg, larry page. account for a large part of the united states economy. how is the government likely to respond? >> this has a wholly new voice to the privacy debate. i've see advocates and members of that type of the advocates and members have taken a printable stand. we have the companies weighing in. congress doesn't listen. the president is -- congress and does a listen. -- the president is expecting a report. early next year, we will see action on it. said he is tobama get the nsa
-- >> the dampening their of the housing market is very tangible, and michelle meyer said a double digit 2013 will not repeat itself this year. yields are up, housing is dampened, but not to any form of crisis, but peter is right, that is always political in washington are at >> tom keene, thank you. also, peter cook, peer and we'll will be back in two minutes on "in the loop." ♪ >> well, it is a talent two mexicos. a tale of two one is about tourism. hyatt hotels is opening to resorts, and starwood plans to up its luxury portfolio there by 50%, but on the flip side there is the mexico played by drug violence and crime. there are 24 murders for every 100,000 people in mexico. compare that to just 4.7 in the united states. that has toryism advocates in mexico fighting -- toryism advocates in mexico fighting to get the truth out, including the ceo of yucatÁn holidays. erica, thank you for joining us. do you feel there is a disproportionate amount of attention paid to drug violence in mexico, and is that hurting your business? >> yes. i feel that happened in the past because the previous fede
report. >> we will be talking to michelle meyer of bank of linkingmerrill lynch, housing and construction jobs into the labor economy. the basic idea of the labor -- they have to come back to 2014 after the holiday and that important congressional election. days a job stay -- jobs before chairman yellen takes over. >> thank you so much. the u.k. prime minister pledges millions of pounds to help startups grow. ♪ >> welcome back. the british prime minister has been in tech city today. millions of pounds have been heading into startups, helping them grow over the past few years. the number of digital companies in london has almost doubled in 2009. his tech city a hub or a hype? your third anniversary. give me the numbers. >> the good news is that tech in digital companies are powering the luncheon economy. we used a third-party company -- london the economy. we used a third-party company. over 600,000 people are employed in this sector. oneconomy once reliant financial services for growth now has another robust sector in tech in digital. -- and digital. >> could those numbers be more? >> t
by giving back. we're going to be talking with lauren bush lauren and michelle obama's chief of staff. >> this week bloomberg released a study of the 50 u.s. companies doing the most to make the world little bit better. it's good for people and based on the data it's actually good for business as well. oversaw the project as the executive director of points of light. us, lauren bush lauren a pioneer in humanitarian businesses. help our viewers understand how company that made your list are both going about their business and actually making the world a little bit better. what are they doing? >> great. so it's a survey that recognizes community-minded companies in america on the s&p 500 list. what we're looking at is how engaging ine community. that looks at things like dollars, employee volunteers, how are companies using the skills and talents of and localle for good communities. their advocacy on behalf of issues. arehese things combined looking at the holistic picture of how companies are investing in communities. point number three, measuring the impact. how do you quantify this s
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7